I first filmed my first empties video #1 skincare and it is on my You Tube channel (krusty604) right now, so please check it out, like and subscribe! 

The reason I am writing today is, in the video, I would like to recommend one product, which actually worked for me, whenever I used it. The product is called Avene Skin recovery cream. In my video, the cream was called, Avene calming moisturizing formula, and it seems the name got changed because I could not find the product on the Internet. However, I remember when I purchased the product, the sales lady said the name changed and the product was the same.


I first encountered Avene product when I got a breakout on my face. Now, I do not usually get breakouts thanks to my family’s genes(?), so when I got a break out, I knew it was not normal. Also, it was not like the usual acne where it was gradual, but it was a sudden outburst, all over my cheeks.


Avene is known for working well on sensitive skin and the one I bought had “Chatelaine 100 beauty winner” sticker on it, so that tells me this product is adored by other people.

I usually purchase this item from local drugstore called London Drugs for approx. 35 cad but when I searched it on Amazon, some listings came out as 25 cad, so, do your research for best prices! When I purchase it locally, I do wait for discounts heh heh

The cream feels nice and it does not feel sticky!

One thing to note! Sometimes, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. One time, when my irritants disappeared after using the product, I continued to use the product thinking it would give me additional benefits using it on a clear skin. However, that was not the case and I did not notice anything special or different. The product is not cheap, and I did not want my skin to get immune to this product, so I stopped using it.

Lately, I have not gotten any irritants, so I did not get the chance to use it, but it seems the product is still popular and widely known. If not, NOW YOU KNOW! 😉

Now there was one fact that I was not aware of. The product only have few essential ingredients in the product because of its special sealing system. When you squeeze the product, the end of the tube has a vacuum like seal, so it sucks the product back up to prevent any other bacteria from coming in. I thought this was kind of cool :0 I now remember, when I was at the end using up the cream, it was hard to squeeze and the cap would not budge! Now I realize, it was to protect the bacteria coming in! How sweet :p



Ø  Good for sensitive skin

Ø  Helped clear out my irritants everytime!

Ø  Still somewhat affordable. Approx. 35 CAD on London Drugs website, but on Amazon, it was listed as 25CAD so search up that engine for best prices!

Ø  Accessible. I usually purchase mine at London Drugs when they have discounts but I might check out Amazon now!

Ø  Not too much chemicals in the ingredients department. Less than 15!


Ø  It can be pricey for a small tube (50ml)…I hope it comes out as a bigger tube because once I start using it, it seems to get used quite quickly…but because it work, I keep buying……yaaaaaas..

So here is my take on this cream that I have been purchasing over and over and over and over.


YAAASSSS…..yes I totally would and I would continue to purchase it until the next thing comes along.


Please leave a comment if you have any products that work for you when you have sudden irritants on your skin.


Until then, thanks for reading!



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