Review: Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask in Star Fruit

So I decided to wear a face mask for the night because why the heck not?!

Anyways, I tried this face mask called Freeman Facial Purifying Paper Mask in Star Fruit that I received as a sample and this was the one where I put it on for the whole night (not listening to the directions) last time and basically ruined my face! And when I say ruined, I meant my face got small bumps all over my face( not trying to be too dramatic here ha)

I had one left, and this time I followed the directions carefully which stated to put on for 5-10 minutes. I wanted to do a review of the mask and so here it is.



After couple of minutes, I felt my face sting. Now for the sake of the review, I waited patiently and when it hit 10 minutes, I immediately took it off.  Afterwards, I did not see any difference and sighed with relief that it was my fault back then when I did not read the instructions properly.

The next day….TADAHHH..



My face got ruined again…

Oh my…

The bumps…all over my face. Now it was not bad compared to the first time my face got ruined but still bad. These pictures are not doing justice because it looks worse in person compared to the pictures.

But mind you not! I just did an Avene review from my last blog. If you have not read it, read it HERE!

I took out my trusted Avene and put it on my face day and night hoping it will do the job.

What I did was after I washed my face, I would put a regular toner that is gentle and would put Avene on top of it. I would put my everyday eye cream on my eyes at night and carried on.

The next day, the irritations were prominent, but it seems the redness went down a bit.

A couple of days later, the bumps and the redness subsided a bit and I knew Avene was doing its miracle again!

I was religious on putting on the Avene cream day and night and after a week, my bumps have almost disappeared! After a week, there were little of remnants left but almost well as new!


This post was not supposed to be another review of Avene product but it seems like it is.


  1. It was not too expensive as I received in one of those monthly subscription boxes.


  1. The size of the mask was way too small for my face. Mind you, I was comparing masks to Korean masks that I normally use and they were fine.
  2. Seems too harsh for my sensitive skin

Also another thing to note is, when I use Korean masks, I leave them on for the whole night (even though it says to leave them on for 20 minutes) and the next day, my skin is still soft.

What are your favorite face masks for sensitive skin? Please share!

Until then, thanks for reading!

Minimalist Minnie


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