9 Clothing / Beauty items to bring to Korea when travelling

I recently went to Korea for 3 weeks and wanted to share some of the essential items I would recommend. First, I would figure what the purpose of the trip would be . Would it be backpacking? Going for work ? Meeting friends, or relatives? Going for a honeymoon?

While staying in Korea, I have attended a friend’s wedding, got medical check ups, met with friends and relatives as well. I brought clothes that would be relating to a party wear and something casual as well for other things such as meeting with friends and families, and doing errands.

Also, what try to figure what the temperature would be like for your final destination? For Korea during April to May, the lowest temperature was around 10 degrees, and the highest was around 23 degrees.

For me, I actually plan my outfits day by day, so I made a list of what I will wear, including accessories on a piece of paper.

One rule that I follow is however many days I go on a trip, I would only bring clothes up to 2 weeks worth. If I would be going for more than 2 weeks, I would recycle wearing my clothes back to day 1. Also for bringing clothes, jeans and outerwear are heavier, so I would make sure I would be wearing them more than once. I would go wild bringing t shirts and leggings since they are a lot lighter.

For clothing, here is what I brought for this trip and my thoughts!

  1. Airplane wear

Something comfortable such as T shirts, thin long sleeve shirts, and for bottom, leggings, sweatpants, velour pants would work. Also, instead of wearing a scarf in the airplane which it can get cold inside the cabin, I brought my trusted cape/poncho that I got from Forever21 during 2015 winter season. I wear it around my neck, so I do not have to fuss over whether it is falling down from my neck or trying to adjust it. It would just be there, hanging around my neck.


I bought it for my last trip and wore it well ever since for airplane wear. It looks a lot cooler than the blankets you get in the airplane. I usually use both of them in the plane in case it gets colder. For shoes, wear something comfortable where you can easily take them on and off, such as flip flops, or flats. I wore Birkenstock and overall, I would stick to this wear for my next trip as well.

2. Light tops and bottoms

ex) T shirts and leggings: Bring whichever amount you would wear for 2 weeks.

3. Denim jeans

I brought 3 pairs. (I was satisfied with this number since I was away for 3 weeks.)

4. Outerwear

I brought 4 outerwear(Now this is when I made a mistake). The outerwear that I brought  consisted of  a blazer and light jackets. Now, I drive back at home in Canada, so when it gets cold at night which is around 10-12 degrees (in April), I can handle the weather because I drive. When I was in Korea, I walked everywhere, other than taking public transportation, and the weather was too cold for my light outerwear. I tried to layer them but they were too bulky, so I had to purchase a jacket. It kind of worked out, because I was looking for a faux leather rider jacket but for next time, I would bring one heavier jacket that I can layer with everything for these kinds of weather. Even though it was a nice jacket, I spent needless money.

5. Dress

I brought 3, but I only wore it once. I am at a time where I am married, and I am surrounded by other married women, so dressing up and going to parties are practically non-existent in my world at least. Unless my purpose of the trip would be to party, I would bring less dresses. Wasted space: 2 dresses

6. Shoes

Shoes: I brought a pair of heels (for the wedding), and 2 sneakers, and 1 runners. I was satisfied with bringing 2 sneakers but make sure they are COMFORTABLE! I cannot stress this enough, especially if you would be walking everywhere. I made a mistake of bringing shoes that had no support for my last trip to Korea, and my feet especially suffered last time. This time, it was a bit better because they were slightly more comfortable sneakers, but for next time, I would recommend bringing one sneaker and one runner! Now, I mentioned I brought runners, and this runners is actually for working out. So, one sneakers and one runners for walking. So far, I have never actually worked out while travelling, but I would always bring it just in case I have the opportunity to do so.  Anyways I still wasted space for this trip since I did not wear them: 2 sets of gym wear, and a pair of gym runners.

7. Accessories

Now, for accessories, I would go wild. This is how I can revamp old outfits and plain outfits to look more modern. I brought a necklace, and a hat which was useful. However, I forgot to bring a scarf and it was so freaken cold in Korea! There was a windstorm and it was soo windy! I suffered for a couple of days with no scarf and at the end, just bought them and they came in quite handy. However, I had a lot of scarves back at home that I could have brought. T.T Spent needless money.

Also speaking of accessories, I like wearing backpacks while travelling. I bought a backpack just before the trip; however, I wish there were more pockets and inside pockets. I could not find the perfect bag right before the trip, but I would just have to keep searching. Still, I was satisfied with the backpack I bought.


Aside from bringing a backpack, I brought a small clutch for the wedding, and another small bag with a strap. Now, if you are wearing these small bags, it would be good for going out in the evening or somewhere nearby from your place. You do not always want to look like a tourist, so bringing one “cute” bag would be okay. Here is an example down below:


8. Make up

I would bring what you would wear for one night time look, and a daily daytime look. That way, I would bring all the essentials I would need to look “gorgeous” but will not bring two of the same make up if that makes sense. If I want to tone it down, I can just use less make up and vice versa. For palettes. I brought one, and played around using this. I do not know the name of this palette as I received it as a gift and she forgot the name either.  Just make sure it has both daytime looks ( beige,  and night time looks in one palette.



Seriously, no one will notice if I have been using one palette for the whole duration of my trip. I am an eyelash junkie, so I brought 7 boxes of eyelashes. Half of them are for parties (thicker lashes), and half of them are more natural. The last pair I brought were ones that were cut in half, so when I want to look natural but have no time to put on a full set of eyelash, I would grab the half, and go! I would stick to this ratio for my next trip as well.

9. Skincare

Skincare: SAMPLES, SAMPLES, and SAMPLES! If you have abundance of samples of skincare or even cleansers, this is the time to use them up! I brought one tub of lotion that I use for day time, in case all my samples run out, and I can still use my day lotion for night if necessary. I brought my trusted AVENE in case I break out.

If you have not read my reviews for Avene, please read HERE!

Even for shampoos and conditioners, I brought samples!

For hair, I usually get a haircut at the final destination, but for this trip, my priority was medical stuff so I did not get the chance to get the hair cut. If this trip was more for pleasure, I would have gotten a haircut, but, oh wells, next time! And for nails, I would also get them at the final destination, but this time, I did not have the chance to do them. So for both, I got my haircut and nails done prior to my trip.

Anyways here is my take of what to bring for clothing and accessories wise. I feel like I have a bit of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) so reading what others bring and incorporating to my current list helps me to feel less anxious so I hope this post kind of helps someone like me!

Thank you so much for reading so far! I will be writing a post of 5 Essential Non-Beauty/clothing Items to bring for travelling to Korea.

What are your must have for travelling to certain countries?

Until then, take care everyone!

Minimalist Minnie


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Just wanted to share and to learn more about this interesting journey called "life".

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