8 Non beauty essential items to bring to Korea for travelling

Night time in Korea 2016
These are the items I brought along whenever I started out my day while travelling in Korea. A lot of these items saved me from being drenched, having battery from running out, and saving me from getting sick!
1. Luggage scale
Okay, so this is not something I carried around at all times, but I wanted to mention it because it really was useful. It is a scale where you attach it to the suitcase and weighs how heavy your suitcase is! When you weigh the luggage, and it goes over the limit, you have the leisure and the freedom to disperse the items to another luggage and that will help you from headaches and help you save money in case your suitcase goes over the recommended weight at the airport.  It is quite useful and sure buy for all travellers! We bought ours from the Winners but there is similar one available here!
2. Foldable Umbrella
I don’t care about having white or tanned skin.  I do admit, I fell into the whole white skin syndrome when I was in my 20’s but after my skin was ruined after using whitening skin product, it changed my mind. No more! Love your own skin color 🙂
I also went tanning when I was travelling through Vegas and because of tanning, my skin felt and became leathery (especially my forehead) and lines were  more prominent! No more! I am always under  a shade or bring  wide rimmed hat when I am out travelling in sunny weathers.
Also make sure to not bring umbrellas that have pointy metal at the end, because they will get taken at the airport because they can be seen as a weapon!
I recently got some beauty marks or moles removed from my face in Korea and they urged me to avoid the sun for few months after the procedure.
After the procedure, I carried and used umbrellas everywhere I went. I am even thinking of getting umbrellas exclusively for sun!
Aside from the sun, it can rain as well so the umbrella will come in handy! I agree with bringing umbrellas wherever you go for travelling especially during summer!
3. Power bank
First of all, it depends on the size.  There are small to big and smaller ones have less charges and so forth.  You can get this information when you buy them and they will have numbers such as ‘13000mAh’ and bigger the number, bigger the power. I had a portable WiFi called ‘egg’ and it was something I borrowed when I traveled in Korea.  It was very useful and it can connect to multiple people,  but due to that, the battery will drain faster.
When I used the ‘egg’ myself,  it drained mid day and I had to recharge it by plugging the USB cable to the power bank and voila! Back to power!
Our power bank lasted for a whole day when I used it myself and it charged the ‘egg’ and my phone and still had two bars left of the battery at the end of the night.  Awesome!
4. Egg ‘WiFi’
This is a portable WiFi that you can borrow at the airport for depending on the length of your trip.
If you are using airbnb, I would ask the host if you can borrow the egg WiFi for free or at a reduced price.
When I used airbnb once time, the host let us borrow it for free and the second airbnb host lent me for 3000won/day (approx. 3 dollars/day) and that is even a good deal if multiple people uses it. If you want more information on egg wifi, click here!
5. Water bottle
It is crucial to keep yourself hydrated to preserve your energy, to get rid of internal toxins and to quench your thirst! Either way, it is good to have a bottle of water by you. Mind you, if you are driven everywhere and have a water bottle in the car, then forget about it! But if you are like me walking everywhere, I encourage you to carry a bottle of water with you at all times! Because it is not encouraged to drink tap water in Korea, I usually buy a big water bottle at a convenience store and carry it around. Yes, it can get heavy and if that is the case, carry around a smaller water bottle and try to get water when you go to a place where there are water available. Yes, you might get the eyes from people, but you are a traveller and you will not see those people ever again.
6. Toilet paper
When I travelled to Korea in 2008, there were no toilet papers in washroom stalls other than department stores. When I travelled to Korea 2015 and 2016 I felt the toilet paper emergency was slowly decreasing as I have noticed more stocked washrooms with toilet papers. However, I did go to a concert in 2016 when I was in Korea, and there were NO TOILET papers… so that was one time I was saved! So if you do not want to bring a huge roll of toilet papers, I encourage to bring tissue paper packs to save space in your bag and for other usages.
7. Granola bars
I brought some granola bars thinking I would be eating those things everyday and boy, was I wrong!  Now, I did include this item into my must haves to bring to Korea while travelling, so my reasons are, there will be times where you could get sick of the food that you are eating while travelling. Some of you might scoff or laugh but you could be at a place where there are no convenient stores or restaurants that you want to eat at! Also, cost could be a factor, so in that case granola bars can come in handy. You can bring one or two in your bag and whoever gets hungry or needs a little bit of energy, you can whip one up and eat them up in your own convenience!
8. Vitamin pills
Recently, I have been trying to be more conscious of my health and I decided to take vitamin pills. I feel getting vitamins and nutrients are best when I am consuming from food naturally, however, I do not eat the recommended intake, so I take them in pill forms. There are divided sides that can voice our their opinions but after I have been taking them, I feel I hardly got sick! When I travelled in the past, and everytime I got back from travelling, I would get very sick for few days! This time, I was pretty consistent on taking my vitamin pills everyday, and when I came back from Korea, I did not get sick! I mean it could be a placebo effect, but I am convinced. I take multivitamin, calcium pills, and omega 3! Which vitamin pills you take is up to you depending which area of the body you want to concentrate, but I do recommend on taking the multivitamin pills as a minimum intake! Unless, you eat the recommended nutrients per day naturally from food, but if not, vitamin pills are way to go!
What are your must haves while travelling? Please leave a comment down below 🙂
Thanks for reading and until then,
Minimalist Minnie

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