5 Tips on How to Save Money


  1. Mint app (this is a budgeting app where it records your spending habits and helps you to monitor which categories are getting close to your budget that you do get to pick your own budget or follow their budget guide. I just started using in July 2016 and I have gone over budget in some categories but at least I became more aware!)
  2. Try to buy stuff on sale (even you are purchasing at discounted and affordable stores). I used to buy a lot of clothes from stores such as Forever 21 and thinking they are already cheap, I thought I did not have to buy them on sale.  I continued this buying habit for two years and realized I spent on items just on a whim even though they did not really bring me joy.  I just bought them because they were cheap! Can you guess how much I spent during those two years? I don’t even want to know.
  3. Try the Marie Kondo method (Don’t just buy stuff because it is on sale or just cheap). Only buy if it really brings you joy when you touch it, feel it, and wear it.  Even though you might look “good” in it, if you do not need it or not planning to wear for the next couple of months, do not buy it! By that time, newer styles have come out and there will be other clothes that you will look good in!
  4. Also before you buy an item, do the in and out approach where if you are bringing a new item into your house, try to take one out. So before you bring the item to the cash register, really think if you actually need or want this item because you might have some similar items back at home.
  5. Remember. Materials do not bring you happiness. Or at least not for me.  Especially if they are from “want” category.  Unless you give memories and feelings to the materials, they will never replace your happiness.  I know this because there were a couple of times, I was obsessed with the item that I wanted to get for sooo long and that was all I thought about it for weeks and months! After I purchased the item, my obsessions vanished so quickly I wonder why I wanted them in the first place! That is empty promise!

Author: minimalistminnie

Just wanted to share and to learn more about this interesting journey called "life".

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