Career in Question

This is a post about me feeling lost and scared about work and career path that I am on now, but despite these thoughts, I feel compelled to continue. Every year I assess my situation, whether in work, relationships and in general just where I am at. These are all pretty obvious things but this is what I am doing and considering at the moment with work and my life the moment. I wanted to share the struggles and what makes me feel motivated, by the way, is still a constant struggle, but that is for another time.


  1. Keep going.


To realize if I enjoy the work and still have something to learn is to keep going.


I am still fairly new in my field (social services) because I was in a different industry (finance and retail service) in the past. I have been in this full-time job for just a year, so I still need more time and experience to figure what I want.


Hopefully, as I continue to work in my field I will eventually realize I do enjoy the work and that I do find it rewarding and to keep going until I find something different.

2. Be realistic


I do feel lost at times and my thoughts would creep into other fields wondering what it would be like and they would range all the way from all sorts of areas such as engineering, accounting, medicine, pharmacy etc. When this happens, it is not beneficial to ruminate and to ponder what it will be like to work in those fields, because I will get stuck in spirals and spin out of control.


Instead, be realistic.


Let’s say if I was considering to become a doctor at this time, it will take me 10 or more years of schooling to become a doctor. I would also have to calculate the time and the money that will cost me to become a doctor. I am being realistic and if I think I am not ready to put all that work, then no matter what I think of the profession, I don’t think that is the right path for me.


  1. Try different jobs


If I am feeling stuck or feeling unsure, I will apply for a different job and become a casual or a part-time worker to see how I will do or like in those jobs.


I know I am the type that cannot be stuck in one type of job because I will feel bored and I need to be in a different element to feel motivated.

I try to seek for different kinds of work such as what I am doing now such as writing, sharing my experiences, reviewing makeup and so on. This gives me a break from my day job and I feel I will not get burnt out from my current job.


When I look back, this is what I always did by having a variety of jobs working in different sectors. All in all, they would all be in customer service, but I remember working as a cashier or a sales associate at different places and it worked out well for me. Maybe because of that experience, I got used to working in multiple jobs and I liked the fact that I got to have a variety of experiences and to meet different kinds of people.


I live in Vancouver and now it seems like working two or more jobs is somewhat normal to make ends meet to live in this city. And I am not talking about people who have good stable jobs and having a side hustle to make extra income. I am talking about people who have a stable job but having to work at another part-time job after their day job to make ends meet.


  1. Volunteer


If you are curious about what it’s like working in another industry, try volunteering. It will have less pressure than having an actual job and it will still give you good insights what will it be like working with the people who are working in that sector.


I also volunteer about once a month and that works for me with my current work schedule. I was interested in working in the justice system so I volunteer to do car patrols for my local RCMP community and so far it has been well.


  1. Education


I am also looking to do further education and I actually feel lost in this path as well. There are so many schools, so many programs, and all their distinctive requirements is making my head hurt. The time and the money that will cost is no easy feat as well. I am currently trying to get information from various programs and what I can do with them afterward such as career paths etc.


I don’t have much else to say other than to keep going and something eventually will turn up. It will be more productive rather than being stuck and not doing anything and trying to ponder for the perfect job or that one career path.


It will not show up if we don’t do anything. Everything will be stuck and nothing will turn up.


So this is what I am working on now when I am questioning my future career path.


Does anybody feel this way and if so what helped you past the feeling of stuckness in your career? Please leave a comment down below and I would like to read what helped you.


Thanks for reading.


Until then

Minimalist Min(ie)

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Just wanted to share and to learn more about this interesting journey called "life".

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