My first experience using tampon as a 30 something years

I participated in this obstacle course called Tough Mudder. However, I will write more about it in my next post with what to bring and what to wear etc. (which I did so please check it out here) I did not want this post to be too long because I wanted to share a different type of #myfirsts.


Here is my first experience with using a tampon.


Now, I am almost in my mid 30’s and I have never used a TAMPON in my life!! I was always scared since I was young and I heard stories from everyone that it would get stuck down there, or it would make my vijayjay loose down there etc. By listening to various of reasons growing up, I was never gravitated or interested to use tampons! I was used to my granny pads (hey some pads can be cool!) and I was okay with that. 


There was one time I should have used a tampon because I was out on the beach, and I was wearing a pad, and I did not think I was going to go in the water but I did…and when I did, my pad got soaked and it made me feel like I just pooped and I felt I was walking with hanging poop in my underwear. Apparently, I also had light red streaks coming down my legs (sorrrrry TMI) but yeah…. I was not traumatized but I felt uncomfortable and a bit(?) mortified,  so because of that experience, I now know that I have to wear tampons if I think I might come close to going in or possibly falling into the water.


I know Tough Mudder will involve MUD (hence ‘Mudder’) so I thought it would be a good idea to wear a tampon and yes, I had to wear it, because I had my period at that time.


I am not going into full description, because by now, probably most of you have used tampons wayy before me.

When I first used it, I was afraid it was going to get stuck down there and my younger sister told me it should be tight as in, it should not be loose and fall out. Check.

I got the plastic applicator out graciously (?). Check.

And that’s it!  

And I learned there was a difference between plastic and paper application and apparently plastic applicator is bad for the environment but it is easier to take it off because it is nice and slippery and the other one is not? I can now nod knowingly if people talk about plastic and paper tampons because before then, I had no idea!


Anyways, I just wanted to add my two cents and say that if 30 something tampon virgin passed the wearing tampon test (?) and I did not get any disease or faint or get traumatized from it, I think most of you guys are good to go! If not, I am sorrrry to hear that :((((((


For the leakage, I was out for 8 hours or so including getting up to Whistler and during the course, and afterwards when I checked, it did leak onto my underwear (light so it didn’t soak through to my pants) but it wasn’t too bad. My body was mostly covered in mud so there were no red streaks going down my legs so that was a bonus! And I would have replaced it before 8 hours for next time. Taking it out is a different story, but I was glad and that I would definitely wear it again if I have my period and I have to go under waters.

I will still stick to my pad over tampons, thank you very much.


Overall: I recommend! I will not post the tampon brand as I was not paid to advertise.


Anyways, what was your first experience using a tampon? Please share 😉


Thanks for reading!

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My First Experience with Tough Mudder

I recently participated in an obstacle course called ‘Tough Mudder’. It was something I would have never had the guts to do it. One day after my workout class, I was talking to a fitness mate and when she mentioned about Tough Mudder and I happened to peruse Tough Mudder website that weekend, it got me excited and then we both got excited with each other’s energy and enthusiasm, and then we decided to join and then we decided to bring our family into it and our fitness instructor and basically, nobody had the gall to stop the process and there we went, to a faraway place, where we can never return (seems so dramatic).

Anyways I am writing about my experience after partaking Tough Mudder so that means I am still alive! (Haha) For some people, it may be a piece of cake, but for me, it was a definite challenge. Especially, at that time, I was sick with cold, too.

Here are my #myfirsts!



When I perused the Tough Mudder website, it stated it was going to be around 10-12 mile obstacle course with lots of mud involved (hence ‘mudder’). According to the website, it stated “… mud run events designed by British Special Forces to challenge the toughest of the tough”.

That sounds tough, huh, designed by the Special Forces! For more information, check out the Tough Mudder website and Youtube videos!

However, I do have to note that I did the Tough Mudder Half which is half the distance and the obstacles which were 5 mile with 13 obstacle course. When I purchased the ticket, I wasn’t even sure what the difference was but I thought Half would be easier for newbies like us (we all were), so I went with that.

I was half excited, nervous and amused at the decision that I made but at the end, I am glad, I made the decision to challenge myself and to try new things I have never tried before so I will pet myself in the shoulder.

  1. Deals

First, I had to purchase the ticket, so when I went to the Tough Mudder website, the date was only 1.5 months away from the actual event which was held on June 17. At that time, the price ranged from $140-180 (everything is in CAD as I live in Canada ;))! When I checked on the website few weeks before the event, the price went up to 200 bucks but then when it closer to the date, it went down to 130? The price seemed to fluctuate a lot and I noticed lots of discount ads were following me around as I surfed around websites.

I finally purchased the tickets on Groupon, because luckily, it happened to be there. I bought the tickets around 70 bucks!! It was a great deal, so I told the rest of the teammates to get them and we all did. I highly recommend looking through your local Groupon site before purchasing tickets!

2. Teammates

Now, you can go solo or pick your own teammates or find teammates once you get to the event. I picked my own teammates and it was a bit tricky because you have to create your team from this other site. It was confusing at first but the Tough Mudder customer service was quite prompt with their replies, so we figured it out. Also, on the website, it said to be sure to create a team name and a team 2 weeks before the event so we all can start at the same time. However, we didn’t and it wasn’t a big deal because once we got to the event, they all just gave us the same time to start.

3. Training

Tough Mudder has a how to train guide on their website according to their full, half version or the types of obstacles so be sure to check them out! My sister and I followed the 3 months training, although we started 1.5 months before, so we rushed the workouts to fit our schedule. Mind you, I was still sick with a cold.

4. What to eat during training

I didn’t follow any specific diet as I did purchase the ticket 1.5 months prior to the event. I just ate how I usually did. Trying to eat healthily, but still indulging on sweets and sugar. On the day of, my sister and I had grains and cereal and a fruit

5. What to bring (foodwise)

I brought a bunch of granola bars but I didn’t end up eating them. I felt nauseated while driving to the event because I had this strong cough suppressant drink from Korea. I did have some fruit which my fellow teammate brought.


During the event, there was a stand where they handed out waters, and bananas so don’t think of bringing anything while you run, unless you want to carry a huge backpack and don’t mind everything being dipped in mud! We read somewhere to bring lots of water and so we brought like 8 liters of water, but we only ended up drinking 2 liters of it.


After the event, we were all hungry but instead of eating our granola bars, we went to a restaurant and ate ( I couldn’t even taste the food because of my cold ><, and the server was so rude!)


With the ticket, you get a beer at the end, but you get a can of beer and the one we got had apple flavour, and it was super cold because we were drenched with sweat, mud, and water, we didn’t even finish the beer.


6. What to wear/ What to bring (clothing wise)

It really depends on the weather and where you would be doing the course. If you were running on a desert in hot summer days such as July and August, you would be wearing something different to mine. For us, it was in June, and the event was held in Whistler, a ski resort during winter times. When we weren’t drenched in mud and water, the weather would have been perfect. Cloudy with few beams of sunlight peeking through the clouds guiding us through the rocky, muddy dirt roads. I wore a long sleeve (don’t even know what material was), and a t shirt (100% cotton) and workout pants with mesh on the side.

At the end of the course, I had a mosquito bite on my leg, due to the mesh, a cut on my palm, and I thought I was going to get hypothermia because my lips and my body was shivering to bits.

At the end, I would recommend wearing a love sleeve dry fit shirt that cools and heats your body (apparently there is a shirt like that!), workout pants, and a pair of runners that you can throw away at the end. The clothes can be easily washed (we washed in the water after few hours when we got home and it washed nicely). The only thing we left was our beloved runners. They were old but still had enough traction to carry my body throughout the course. I should have taken a picture to say adieu, but I forgot. Thank you to my runners!

I would also recommend bringing a pair of goggles (for water dipping) and a pair of gloves for climbing etc.

You can also consider wearing a costume or themed wear with your teammates, but for costume wearers, do be mindful of them possibly chafing against your body and being uncomfortable during the course. Other than that, you would look super cute!! 🙂

Also, bring a towel and a change of clothes than you can change into afterward! There is running makeshift public shower to clean yourself, but it was super cold, and I was already freezing, so I just patted myself dry with the towel and it was fine. We even brought garbage bags in case for the car, but we didn’t even need them.


7. What to wear (make up wise)

For those of you who need a face mask (aka me), listen up! You don’t need much unless you are going there to meet someone and to hook up, specifically! Other than that, you need a waterproof and smudge-proof makeup and a whole lot of don’t care how I look mantra! At the end, your face will be covered in dirt, and sweat and a whole lot of whoooo I did it smile on your face. I had my eyebrows (Clio Tatto eyebrows) which were supposed to tint your eyebrows, but it actually doesn’t and I only like the eyebrow mascara part, and eyeliner (Bobbi Brown in Long Wear Gel Eyeliner (in Expresso) which I actually like, and they all generally stayed on. After the course, I walked around in this face in the mall, and people were looking at me raising their eyebrows, but I was so proud of my face and myself in general.

At the end of the course, you can probably tell, but we were all so proud of ourselves, of what we had accomplished. If I wasn’t planning to become pregnant, I would have pre-paid for next year’s Tough Mudder Full! There was a period of time where we could have gotten cheaper tickets if we booked ahead, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to be, I did not get them. I was really interested in even thinking of becoming a Special Agent but you have to train when you are like 16 years old. Haha.

Anyways, this was my first experience with Tough Mudder and hope you can partake in this awesome, yet brutal course where you can seriously challenge your body and your mind and to make some great memories with your friends and your loved ones!

Overall: Highly recommend! 🙂

Also, I found a great article online and I would highly recommend on checking this post before your partake in Tough Mudder. Enjoy!

What tough challenges have you participated recently? #myfirsts

Thanks for reading!


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5 Tips on How to Save Money


  1. Mint app (this is a budgeting app where it records your spending habits and helps you to monitor which categories are getting close to your budget that you do get to pick your own budget or follow their budget guide. I just started using in July 2016 and I have gone over budget in some categories but at least I became more aware!)
  2. Try to buy stuff on sale (even you are purchasing at discounted and affordable stores). I used to buy a lot of clothes from stores such as Forever 21 and thinking they are already cheap, I thought I did not have to buy them on sale.  I continued this buying habit for two years and realized I spent on items just on a whim even though they did not really bring me joy.  I just bought them because they were cheap! Can you guess how much I spent during those two years? I don’t even want to know.
  3. Try the Marie Kondo method (Don’t just buy stuff because it is on sale or just cheap). Only buy if it really brings you joy when you touch it, feel it, and wear it.  Even though you might look “good” in it, if you do not need it or not planning to wear for the next couple of months, do not buy it! By that time, newer styles have come out and there will be other clothes that you will look good in!
  4. Also before you buy an item, do the in and out approach where if you are bringing a new item into your house, try to take one out. So before you bring the item to the cash register, really think if you actually need or want this item because you might have some similar items back at home.
  5. Remember. Materials do not bring you happiness. Or at least not for me.  Especially if they are from “want” category.  Unless you give memories and feelings to the materials, they will never replace your happiness.  I know this because there were a couple of times, I was obsessed with the item that I wanted to get for sooo long and that was all I thought about it for weeks and months! After I purchased the item, my obsessions vanished so quickly I wonder why I wanted them in the first place! That is empty promise!

8 Non beauty essential items to bring to Korea for travelling

Night time in Korea 2016
These are the items I brought along whenever I started out my day while travelling in Korea. A lot of these items saved me from being drenched, having battery from running out, and saving me from getting sick!
1. Luggage scale
Okay, so this is not something I carried around at all times, but I wanted to mention it because it really was useful. It is a scale where you attach it to the suitcase and weighs how heavy your suitcase is! When you weigh the luggage, and it goes over the limit, you have the leisure and the freedom to disperse the items to another luggage and that will help you from headaches and help you save money in case your suitcase goes over the recommended weight at the airport.  It is quite useful and sure buy for all travellers! We bought ours from the Winners but there is similar one available here!
2. Foldable Umbrella
I don’t care about having white or tanned skin.  I do admit, I fell into the whole white skin syndrome when I was in my 20’s but after my skin was ruined after using whitening skin product, it changed my mind. No more! Love your own skin color 🙂
I also went tanning when I was travelling through Vegas and because of tanning, my skin felt and became leathery (especially my forehead) and lines were  more prominent! No more! I am always under  a shade or bring  wide rimmed hat when I am out travelling in sunny weathers.
Also make sure to not bring umbrellas that have pointy metal at the end, because they will get taken at the airport because they can be seen as a weapon!
I recently got some beauty marks or moles removed from my face in Korea and they urged me to avoid the sun for few months after the procedure.
After the procedure, I carried and used umbrellas everywhere I went. I am even thinking of getting umbrellas exclusively for sun!
Aside from the sun, it can rain as well so the umbrella will come in handy! I agree with bringing umbrellas wherever you go for travelling especially during summer!
3. Power bank
First of all, it depends on the size.  There are small to big and smaller ones have less charges and so forth.  You can get this information when you buy them and they will have numbers such as ‘13000mAh’ and bigger the number, bigger the power. I had a portable WiFi called ‘egg’ and it was something I borrowed when I traveled in Korea.  It was very useful and it can connect to multiple people,  but due to that, the battery will drain faster.
When I used the ‘egg’ myself,  it drained mid day and I had to recharge it by plugging the USB cable to the power bank and voila! Back to power!
Our power bank lasted for a whole day when I used it myself and it charged the ‘egg’ and my phone and still had two bars left of the battery at the end of the night.  Awesome!
4. Egg ‘WiFi’
This is a portable WiFi that you can borrow at the airport for depending on the length of your trip.
If you are using airbnb, I would ask the host if you can borrow the egg WiFi for free or at a reduced price.
When I used airbnb once time, the host let us borrow it for free and the second airbnb host lent me for 3000won/day (approx. 3 dollars/day) and that is even a good deal if multiple people uses it. If you want more information on egg wifi, click here!
5. Water bottle
It is crucial to keep yourself hydrated to preserve your energy, to get rid of internal toxins and to quench your thirst! Either way, it is good to have a bottle of water by you. Mind you, if you are driven everywhere and have a water bottle in the car, then forget about it! But if you are like me walking everywhere, I encourage you to carry a bottle of water with you at all times! Because it is not encouraged to drink tap water in Korea, I usually buy a big water bottle at a convenience store and carry it around. Yes, it can get heavy and if that is the case, carry around a smaller water bottle and try to get water when you go to a place where there are water available. Yes, you might get the eyes from people, but you are a traveller and you will not see those people ever again.
6. Toilet paper
When I travelled to Korea in 2008, there were no toilet papers in washroom stalls other than department stores. When I travelled to Korea 2015 and 2016 I felt the toilet paper emergency was slowly decreasing as I have noticed more stocked washrooms with toilet papers. However, I did go to a concert in 2016 when I was in Korea, and there were NO TOILET papers… so that was one time I was saved! So if you do not want to bring a huge roll of toilet papers, I encourage to bring tissue paper packs to save space in your bag and for other usages.
7. Granola bars
I brought some granola bars thinking I would be eating those things everyday and boy, was I wrong!  Now, I did include this item into my must haves to bring to Korea while travelling, so my reasons are, there will be times where you could get sick of the food that you are eating while travelling. Some of you might scoff or laugh but you could be at a place where there are no convenient stores or restaurants that you want to eat at! Also, cost could be a factor, so in that case granola bars can come in handy. You can bring one or two in your bag and whoever gets hungry or needs a little bit of energy, you can whip one up and eat them up in your own convenience!
8. Vitamin pills
Recently, I have been trying to be more conscious of my health and I decided to take vitamin pills. I feel getting vitamins and nutrients are best when I am consuming from food naturally, however, I do not eat the recommended intake, so I take them in pill forms. There are divided sides that can voice our their opinions but after I have been taking them, I feel I hardly got sick! When I travelled in the past, and everytime I got back from travelling, I would get very sick for few days! This time, I was pretty consistent on taking my vitamin pills everyday, and when I came back from Korea, I did not get sick! I mean it could be a placebo effect, but I am convinced. I take multivitamin, calcium pills, and omega 3! Which vitamin pills you take is up to you depending which area of the body you want to concentrate, but I do recommend on taking the multivitamin pills as a minimum intake! Unless, you eat the recommended nutrients per day naturally from food, but if not, vitamin pills are way to go!
What are your must haves while travelling? Please leave a comment down below 🙂
Thanks for reading and until then,
Minimalist Minnie

9 Clothing / Beauty items to bring to Korea when travelling

I recently went to Korea for 3 weeks and wanted to share some of the essential items I would recommend. First, I would figure what the purpose of the trip would be . Would it be backpacking? Going for work ? Meeting friends, or relatives? Going for a honeymoon?

While staying in Korea, I have attended a friend’s wedding, got medical check ups, met with friends and relatives as well. I brought clothes that would be relating to a party wear and something casual as well for other things such as meeting with friends and families, and doing errands.

Also, what try to figure what the temperature would be like for your final destination? For Korea during April to May, the lowest temperature was around 10 degrees, and the highest was around 23 degrees.

For me, I actually plan my outfits day by day, so I made a list of what I will wear, including accessories on a piece of paper.

One rule that I follow is however many days I go on a trip, I would only bring clothes up to 2 weeks worth. If I would be going for more than 2 weeks, I would recycle wearing my clothes back to day 1. Also for bringing clothes, jeans and outerwear are heavier, so I would make sure I would be wearing them more than once. I would go wild bringing t shirts and leggings since they are a lot lighter.

For clothing, here is what I brought for this trip and my thoughts!

  1. Airplane wear

Something comfortable such as T shirts, thin long sleeve shirts, and for bottom, leggings, sweatpants, velour pants would work. Also, instead of wearing a scarf in the airplane which it can get cold inside the cabin, I brought my trusted cape/poncho that I got from Forever21 during 2015 winter season. I wear it around my neck, so I do not have to fuss over whether it is falling down from my neck or trying to adjust it. It would just be there, hanging around my neck.


I bought it for my last trip and wore it well ever since for airplane wear. It looks a lot cooler than the blankets you get in the airplane. I usually use both of them in the plane in case it gets colder. For shoes, wear something comfortable where you can easily take them on and off, such as flip flops, or flats. I wore Birkenstock and overall, I would stick to this wear for my next trip as well.

2. Light tops and bottoms

ex) T shirts and leggings: Bring whichever amount you would wear for 2 weeks.

3. Denim jeans

I brought 3 pairs. (I was satisfied with this number since I was away for 3 weeks.)

4. Outerwear

I brought 4 outerwear(Now this is when I made a mistake). The outerwear that I brought  consisted of  a blazer and light jackets. Now, I drive back at home in Canada, so when it gets cold at night which is around 10-12 degrees (in April), I can handle the weather because I drive. When I was in Korea, I walked everywhere, other than taking public transportation, and the weather was too cold for my light outerwear. I tried to layer them but they were too bulky, so I had to purchase a jacket. It kind of worked out, because I was looking for a faux leather rider jacket but for next time, I would bring one heavier jacket that I can layer with everything for these kinds of weather. Even though it was a nice jacket, I spent needless money.

5. Dress

I brought 3, but I only wore it once. I am at a time where I am married, and I am surrounded by other married women, so dressing up and going to parties are practically non-existent in my world at least. Unless my purpose of the trip would be to party, I would bring less dresses. Wasted space: 2 dresses

6. Shoes

Shoes: I brought a pair of heels (for the wedding), and 2 sneakers, and 1 runners. I was satisfied with bringing 2 sneakers but make sure they are COMFORTABLE! I cannot stress this enough, especially if you would be walking everywhere. I made a mistake of bringing shoes that had no support for my last trip to Korea, and my feet especially suffered last time. This time, it was a bit better because they were slightly more comfortable sneakers, but for next time, I would recommend bringing one sneaker and one runner! Now, I mentioned I brought runners, and this runners is actually for working out. So, one sneakers and one runners for walking. So far, I have never actually worked out while travelling, but I would always bring it just in case I have the opportunity to do so.  Anyways I still wasted space for this trip since I did not wear them: 2 sets of gym wear, and a pair of gym runners.

7. Accessories

Now, for accessories, I would go wild. This is how I can revamp old outfits and plain outfits to look more modern. I brought a necklace, and a hat which was useful. However, I forgot to bring a scarf and it was so freaken cold in Korea! There was a windstorm and it was soo windy! I suffered for a couple of days with no scarf and at the end, just bought them and they came in quite handy. However, I had a lot of scarves back at home that I could have brought. T.T Spent needless money.

Also speaking of accessories, I like wearing backpacks while travelling. I bought a backpack just before the trip; however, I wish there were more pockets and inside pockets. I could not find the perfect bag right before the trip, but I would just have to keep searching. Still, I was satisfied with the backpack I bought.


Aside from bringing a backpack, I brought a small clutch for the wedding, and another small bag with a strap. Now, if you are wearing these small bags, it would be good for going out in the evening or somewhere nearby from your place. You do not always want to look like a tourist, so bringing one “cute” bag would be okay. Here is an example down below:


8. Make up

I would bring what you would wear for one night time look, and a daily daytime look. That way, I would bring all the essentials I would need to look “gorgeous” but will not bring two of the same make up if that makes sense. If I want to tone it down, I can just use less make up and vice versa. For palettes. I brought one, and played around using this. I do not know the name of this palette as I received it as a gift and she forgot the name either.  Just make sure it has both daytime looks ( beige,  and night time looks in one palette.



Seriously, no one will notice if I have been using one palette for the whole duration of my trip. I am an eyelash junkie, so I brought 7 boxes of eyelashes. Half of them are for parties (thicker lashes), and half of them are more natural. The last pair I brought were ones that were cut in half, so when I want to look natural but have no time to put on a full set of eyelash, I would grab the half, and go! I would stick to this ratio for my next trip as well.

9. Skincare

Skincare: SAMPLES, SAMPLES, and SAMPLES! If you have abundance of samples of skincare or even cleansers, this is the time to use them up! I brought one tub of lotion that I use for day time, in case all my samples run out, and I can still use my day lotion for night if necessary. I brought my trusted AVENE in case I break out.

If you have not read my reviews for Avene, please read HERE!

Even for shampoos and conditioners, I brought samples!

For hair, I usually get a haircut at the final destination, but for this trip, my priority was medical stuff so I did not get the chance to get the hair cut. If this trip was more for pleasure, I would have gotten a haircut, but, oh wells, next time! And for nails, I would also get them at the final destination, but this time, I did not have the chance to do them. So for both, I got my haircut and nails done prior to my trip.

Anyways here is my take of what to bring for clothing and accessories wise. I feel like I have a bit of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) so reading what others bring and incorporating to my current list helps me to feel less anxious so I hope this post kind of helps someone like me!

Thank you so much for reading so far! I will be writing a post of 5 Essential Non-Beauty/clothing Items to bring for travelling to Korea.

What are your must have for travelling to certain countries?

Until then, take care everyone!

Minimalist Minnie