Back to School Summer Sale T shirts transition to Fall Looks



So I know we are still in mid-August, (it is September now -.-) and I don’t want to dampen the moods, but we all got to admit. We are all feeling the hot, sticky, air slowly turning into slightly cooler air at least where I live which is Vancouver, Canada which is located on the west coast of North America.  I swear, I can “smell” the fall air, the back-to-school air.


I still remember when it was back to school time, especially if you are transitioning into a new school year such as elementary student becoming a middle schooler or a middle schooler becoming a high schooler, and so on.


When it was back to school, we will always go shopping to purchase new school supplies, whether we had them from previous years, it didn’t matter. I was specifically excited about getting new clothes for back to school especially figuring out what to wear on the first day! That was when you wear your best-est clothing, to exude and to show off your worthiness (?) and coolness factor to others. The first impression always counts, especially if you are entering into a new school grade system.


From my recent haul from Forever21 Canada online [not sponsored], I realized all the items I got were T shirts that were on sale. I am trying to be mindful of what I purchase nowadays so I thought why not do a fashion haul post and back to school post altogether incorporating with what I already have in my closet?

I also visited the Vancouver Mural Festival to check out the art and it was amazing! I did not attend on an actual day which was June 24th, but about a week after. It was great because it wasn’t busy and I did not have to bump into crowds, and I had the time to take pictures leisurely without having to line up.


Here is how I transition my summer sale T shirts into Fall looks.

1. World Tour 1991 Graphic Tee $8 CAD (everything is in CAD)

20170901_113030_HDRF21 Description: A knit tee featuring short sleeves, round neckline, and a “World Tour 1991 USA Europe Asia Australia Canada” graphic on the front. 


First of all, this T shirt is wayyyy too short for me so I will wear a tank top underneath so my midriff is not bare. I will pair this t shirt with any pair of jeans and sneakers and I will be good to go!

For those of you who want to wear this shirt solo, it will look good with high rise jeans to offset the midriff t shirt. If not, go wiiiild!

Style Point: Handkerchief instead of a regular scarf for those of you who want to have extra oomph.

[Not my original picture]

  1. Camo Print Tee $12

army shirt

F21 Description: A knit tee featuring an allover camo print, short sleeves, and a crew neck. 

I always like a good camo print but I try to be mindful of not going overboard. For example, I don’t want to be mistaken to be in an actual army because I did not go through hard training that soldiers go through.
I want to have a casual with a bit of tough look to my style. This is a no brainer where I will wear any colored  jeans with this look but it will especially go well with anything black. Black jeans, black jacket, black moto jacket,  black anything.
Style Point: T shirt tucked in front of jeans

This is not anything new, but I’ve recently noticed people tucking their T shirts into their jeans for a more polished look.  It makes them look slimmer and look neater when tucked.

If you tuck them half side, it sort of looks fashiony (?) as well.

  1. Turn Up The Music Graphic Tee $8.45


F21 Description: A knit tee with a crew neck, short sleeves, and a “Turn Up The Music Turn Down The Drama” graphic on the front.

I like T shirts that have catchphrases on them especially when I agree with what it says. I am still loving my music loud (at certain times) so this message does pertain to me.

Style point: I have been seeing sock heeled boots that are gaining popularity and apparently it will be one of the “it” boots! Especially the red color.


[Not my original picture]
I feel like 80’s punk style is coming in strong for upcoming seasons. I will personally not wear them because of my feet issues, and cannot really wear heels for a long period of time.
I will probably go with my all time favorite beat up clunky boots ❤


  1. Peachy Face Graphic Tee $11.45


F21 Description: A cotton tee featuring a “Peachy” and a happy face with heart eyes graphic on front, distressed design, short cuff sleeves, and a round neckline.

I like distressed t-shirts to a point. When they are distressed, I think to myself, what look am I trying to portray here? Is it because it’s trendy? Is this really hipster? Is this too shabby? Do I want mosquitos coming through the holes and suck my blood?

I think this t-shirt has just enough distressed look without going overboard.

Style Point: I hear men’s’ style inspired blazer is going to be huge for Fall season, especially the plaid design. 


Photo by Mariya Georgieva on Unsplash

Okay, this picture clearly look trendy and modern but I just liked this picture 😉

The plaid style of blazer which you will probably see a lot of them in Fall fashion blogs or magazines and they might look like it would be worn by old men wearing their blazers that are from their hay days and smoking cigars and playing their favorite games which is kind of awesome in its own way 😉
I don’t have many places to wear those kinds of plaid blazers, so I will probably stick to my leather jackets or flannel shirts! Fall is the perfect weather to wear this outerwear because of the mild weather.  Well, at least it is like that in Vancouver, Canada.


What are your summer transition pieces to fall fashion? Please comment down below!


Thanks for reading!

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8 Fall Fashion Hot or Not (from a non-fashionable casual dressed bystander)

I will be doing a post on fall fashions that I have read from other bloggers and would like to add my thoughts as a non-fashionable casual dresser bystander.

First of all, I work in a field where my work wear consist of casual clothing, so I always wear casual clothes! It is kind of a bummer because I do not get to wear that fancy piece of dress, or top I bought a while ago hoping to wear some day. However I did work in a place where I had to wear suits everyday, so comparing to that, I am thankful for the casual work wear.

We are in already well into fall, but I know there are some of you who are still wearing those summer clothes trying to wear most out of them. So here it is~


  1. Bomber jackets


One thing to note, I am trying hard to not spend money on clothing as much as before because that was where all my pay cheque went back in my highschool and 20-year-old days. Doe anyone resonate with me?

Anyways I bought a bomber jacket from F21 for around 30 cad and I am quite satisfied with the jacket! It is a casual jacket so I can wear this to work or even with a dress for a night out! This jacket can work with many types of outfits and it is such a classic and quite plain that I can probably wear this until it breaks and rips! A lot of brands are coming out with different fabrics such as satin, velvet and even terry cloth, so there is a jacket that will match everyone’s taste.  Anyways, I am excited about this jacket and cannot wait to wear this out. This jacket would suit any ages and it is part of the athleisure trend that I so dear love. Except, when the bomber jacket trend goes away, this piece will be something which I would consider as my style wardrobe permanently. I would definitely recommend! This specific jacket I got was sold out but here is a similar one but in different colors!

2. Military look


I have seen military looks come and go for the last few decades and it is something that will stay for the next decades to come. I also bought a shirt/jacket from F21 website that has a cute patch on the side that made it playful, and I again quite like this item  as well! It can be work as a jacket in summer/fall season and wear it as a shirt during fall/winter season.  This is another item any age can wear without screaming I am stuck in my teen hood which I suffer at times 😉

I will always go for the military look at any age but I will hesitate to wear top to bottom as I will get weird stares in especially in Korea. Men in Korea have to be in military as part of their mandatory service to Korea, so you might get weird stares as men often stress about going to the military and to think females just want to “look” the part where they do not even have join the military. I once thought about joining an army in Canada (I live in Canada) but I thought I was physically weak, so gave that up quite quick. 

3. Velvet

Now velvet is a material where it feels luxe and soft but in some ways, it can feel like an “odd” material to wear. It can be seen as too much for work and casual settings; however it might not be seen as a luxurious material such as satin, so it can feel somewhere in the middle between casual and luxurious. Also, I found it hard to wear for all seasons.

For example, I had this velvet quarter sleeve top back in the days and I wore it during the summer time and I felt hot and warm; however, when I layered a jacket on top during winter, the sensation of wearing a jacket over a velvet material made my skin tingle in not a good way. And weird as in feeling weird and not bad weird. Now that sentence sounds weird.

Another funny thing is, when I was scrolling down F21 website, I found a black velvet floral kimono style piece and I really wanted it!. It is currently selling for 40 bucks cad and that is too much for me at this time, so I will wait it out until I really really want it. Or hopefully it goes on sale..but probably not until January 2017. It looks a bit dark, moody, witchy, gothy..and what does that mean..? I do not even know. As long as it is not a top, I will consider buying velvet clothing again.

4. Animal print


Animal look can consist of whole bunch of animal prints such as cougar, cheetah, panther, zebra, lion, tiger etc. When you think about it, I do not know why we want to simulate wearing another living being skin on ourselves, but what do I know about fashion? har har. Anyways I do have a cheetah printed cardigan and it looked so bold at one point back in the days but now when I wear it, I just look like I am trying too hard. It also depends on what I am wearing with but the older I get, I look older when wearing this. Regardless, it is a classic item as it comes up and again in the fashion scene. You get to decide if this is a right look for you or not.

5. Patent

Patent was something that surfaced during mid to late 90’s when I was in elementary school/highschool. I remember all the “cool” people were wearing and I remember I was fascinated with the material. I did not understand how that resembled clothing as it was plastic and shiny. I also remember idols in Korea were wearing them. Does anyone remember that?

Anyways, patent just recently re-surfaced because of the surge of 90’s fashion and when 90’s fashion get recycled endlessly, and another era comes back, patent will probably disappear as they should be. I will not get any patent clothing and I cannot even wear with my current casual wardrobe. Not recommend. 

6. Metallic

Another trend that seemed to be in the 90’s and probably other eras but I only know about 90’s and 2000 because that was when I went to highschool. Metallic works when added as a focal point mixed with other neutrals, but really, how often will you wear metallic clothing other than end of the year parties and maybe birthday parties? If that is the case, I will not spend too much money and to move on. I admit, I wanted metallic shawl a couple of years ago and I missed buying it. If I see it, I will definitely get it and wear it with pride 😀

7. Victorian

This is another trend that happened like 50 years plus? During the 90’s, I remember pinning old, antique brooch with a face of an unidentified person onto the lapels of my jacket. I remember I wanted one(weirdly), but I did not, because I felt creeped out wearing a random face on me.

When I think of Victorian, I do think of high necks, and lace details, and I think that is fine as an accessory but other than that, pass! I doubt women enjoyed wearing Victorian clothing at that time as I read women had bruises on their ribs by wearing tight bustier to cinch their waists. No thanks!

8. Plaid


Plaid is definitely classic as it comes up every fall/winter season. The plaid trend changes season to season, from checkered, and gingham and etc. But if you have a certain plaid pattern that look good on you, go for it! During spring/summer season, gingham was popular, and I tried to wear it, and I looked like I had a picnic table-cloth on. I have seen other bloggers wearing gingham like it was their own skin, but it just did not look good on me. Do try different styles of trend as you may never know what looks good on you but do trust your own guts if what you see looks good on you or not.


Okay, there you have it. My take on Fall fashion so far.


What are some of your Fall trends so far? Please comment them down below.


Thanks for reading!


Until then,

Minimalist Minnie